This is a beautiful horse in the box.

It’s a lovely horse in a box, and it’s also a beautiful elephant.

Beauty nails is a hair and makeup brand owned by L’Oreal, the beauty industry’s biggest player.

“It’s not a simple brand, it’s an incredible brand,” L’Oréal creative director Alex Richey told BuzzFeed News in an email.

“I’m really excited to be part of it, because it’s such a great idea and a really exciting brand for us to work with.”

L’Oréeal is not the only brand working on the theme, as other companies have also shown interest.

As the name suggests, Beauty nails is not a nail salon, but a makeup line with a focus on the hair and beauty market.

The company says its products are inspired by the beauty of horses, as well as the art of creating beautiful nails and body contouring.

It is designed to be affordable, and the products are not designed to last long, either, L’ Oréal said.

Beauties nails is available at Beauty and at Sephora and Ulta, the two biggest online beauty supply companies.

Lose weight, stay slim, keep your makeup, and look your best with beauty nails.

Check out the beauty nails video above to learn more about the products.

L’ Oréeal said it has plans to launch Beauty nails at its major retailers in the US, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Japan.

While it has yet to unveil pricing, LOréaal said the products would be priced competitively with other beauty brands, as the brands do not sell the same product at the same price.

For now, Beauty nail boxes are only available at