Posted May 18, 2019 06:01:03A friend of my friend said “wow, you are so pretty”, “you are gorgeous” and “you look like you are always on top of things”, and it was like “wow”.

Then I looked at her and it became even more amazing.

I realised she is my friend and that she has been a big inspiration to me in my life.

When I saw my friend’s reflection in the mirror, I realised it was me.

When I saw her face in the reflection, I thought she looked just like me.

I am a beautiful person with perfect skin, hair and eyes, I am tall, slim and beautiful.

I am the same person as my friend, who also is my wife, and my husband, and I love them all very much.

When my friend told me she was thinking about going to see me for the first time, I had to tell her I was not going to.

She was shocked, but I was very happy to see her smile again.

My friends, I have always been a beautiful woman, and even though I have not had a husband, I want to give birth to my daughter, and if you have a chance, please come to visit me and my family.

I want to see you when I am at my best.

If you are a beautiful girl and you are in the same city, we can have lunch or dinner together, we will do something special together and then we will go home together.

If I have to leave a job to come visit you, I will do it as soon as I can.