The next time you feel the need to apply a new layer of blush to your face, think twice.

The chemicals in products can cause the finish of the product to dry out, leaving it feeling powdery or gritty.

Instead, try using a light, fluffy brush, a brush that will glide smoothly over your face.

The end result will look more natural, according to a new study published in the journal Science.

The study found that using a soft brush to create a flawless, powdery finish made for a more natural looking finish than applying a heavy, powder-like finish.

The study also found that a lighter, fluffy blush is easier to control for and that the process does not have to be difficult to learn.

The scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, used a variety of brushes to create different finishes, including light, fine, medium and heavy.

They tested these finishes using a liquid formula and found that the light finish was easier to apply than the heavy finish.