When Target announced their latest beauty box at the IFA trade show in Berlin, it seemed like a no-brainer: it was a box for women who love makeup.

Target also promised to offer a line of high-end makeup products for men who are obsessed with makeup, and for women looking for the same thing.

But, at the same time, the Beauty Box was also aimed at women who want to go more casual.

And that meant that the box was also a box of low-end products, and, thus, an entry point into a range of low price-point, low-quality cosmetics that could be sold as makeup at Target stores.

But the beauty box didn’t deliver on the promise of the brand.

The beauty box offered little, if any, of the products that Target has always offered: a selection of foundation, blush, lip and eye products, eyeshadow, and mascara, and a selection for the more adventurous (and perhaps a bit pricier) look that Target is known for.

The beauty box also didn’t offer the variety that Target’s Beauty Box did.

The brand’s Beautybox, a box that featured both lip products and eye makeup, offered only a selection from the company’s other lines of beauty products, as well as the low-price-point foundation and blush, and the mascara, but the foundation was not included in the box.

“Target doesn’t make a ton of high end makeup,” says Kate Dannemann, co-founder and co-owner of The Beauty Box.

“I think the beauty line is one of the things that has differentiated Target so much from the competition, and it has been a hit.”

Target’s low-priced foundation and lip products, which are both available on the BeautyBox, are more expensive than their high-priced competitors.

Target’s beauty line, however, offers products that are more affordable, and that could actually appeal to women who are less likely to purchase high-quality makeup products.

The company has a long history of making high-price products that women want to buy, and Target has taken note of that.

In its new line of Beauty Box products, Target has offered the company a high-level of quality that could appeal to more women who aren’t buying high-cost makeup, Dannomann says.

The BeautyBox line of products, while not offering high-grade makeup, does offer some high-class ingredients.

When I visited Target in the US, I was surprised to find the beauty boxes were sold out at Target.

I had to wait at least two hours to see what products were available.

There are some products in the Beautybox line that have been discontinued, such as the eye foundation.

I found a lot of high quality products for a lot less money.

And the beauty lines do have some pretty affordable options, like blush.

The range of blush that Target sells for $14.99 in the U.S. and $16.99 around the world is actually pretty affordable, compared to what Target has to offer.

Dannomain is excited to see Target continue to offer affordable beauty products.

“Target has a very diverse makeup selection, so I’m excited to continue to see them continue to innovate,” she says.

“In the future, I hope Target continues to expand its makeup range and continue to bring high-value products to women.”