By: Anna Marie WittenbergA new hair treatment has been developed that uses scalp massage to treat hair and scalp infections.

The research by researchers from the University of Southern California (USC) and the University at Buffalo (UNB) was published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE.

The hair-care product, called Wrist Spa, is being developed by the USC Institute for Biological and Computational Engineering.

The researchers were looking for a new way to treat scalp infections, especially on young, curly-haired people who have been diagnosed with hair loss, and were looking to find a treatment that didn’t require hair loss.

They looked at how the scalp massage technique works, how it affects the scalp, and how it can help reduce scalp infection rates.

They also studied how the treatment affected the scalp as well as hair, which is a key part of scalp infections in people with hair and is an important part of preventing scalp infections later in life.

They were able to find an effective treatment for scalp infections that was safe, safe for the scalp and effective for the patient.

The scalp massage is a way to take the scalp away from infection, and they believe it could be used to reduce scalp infections by removing toxins from the scalp.

It’s important to remember that scalp infections can occur even if you do have a scalp infection, as scalp infections are not always due to a scalp injury, but can also be due to other conditions such as an allergy or allergies to the scalp or other body parts.

They say the treatments used in the research could also be used for scalp disorders such as psoriasis, or psorosis, which affect the scalp directly.

This research is important because scalp infections affect about one in five people in the US, and this research could lead to more effective treatments for people with scalp infections as well.

It also is important that this research is not limited to the US because the researchers hope to see similar studies in other countries.

The team of researchers also are looking at other ways to treat and prevent scalp infections and other scalp disorders.

They are looking into using different types of scalp massage, which could be applied to different areas of the scalp such as the scalp over the hair, the scalp around the hairline or the scalp on the top of the head, and the scalp near the forehead.

It is not yet known how the hair massage treatment will affect hair loss or hair-loss prevention, but the researchers say it is very promising.

The Hair Spa treatment was developed with the help of the team of USC and UNB researchers.

The university and the university at Buffalo are partners in the development of the Wrist Care System.