Time | The beauty store where you’ll be most tempted to buy a makeup item has announced a new trend, and it’s for women.

The popular beauty brand Sephora has started selling the Makeup For Men and Women (MFM) range, and the company is calling the collection “the most fashionable makeup ever.”

Sephoras makeup, which has already sold over 1 million pieces in just one week, is designed to look like you’ve just stepped out of a makeup bag.

But the range includes some of the most versatile makeup products available today, such as brow pencils, eyeliner and lipsticks, eye shadow and bronzer.

The range will be available at Sephors flagship beauty stores across the US, Canada and Europe starting March 5, and can be ordered online.

The makeup range is available in Sephoras new beauty-focused department, called Sephort, which will also be available online and at SepHort.com starting March 10.

The brand has already introduced its new range to a limited number of Sephores online store customers, who will be able to try the new line on their smartphones. 

Sephora is a beauty company known for offering a wide array of makeup products and makeup-related accessories.

The company launched its Sephord beauty line in 2017 and is known for making its products affordable and offering a full line of beauty products for women and men.

The products range includes everything from foundation and concealers to lip and brow products.

The MFM range will appeal to women, who want a full-bodied look, while men will want a more sophisticated look, especially when it comes to eyeshadows.

The Makeup for Men range includes three colors, which include nude, light pink and dark pink, which are shades of pink with red sparkles.

The MFM cosmetics are available in three-piece sets with two colors: dark pink and nude.

The items are available on Sephorne’s website, Sephontimes.com and in Sepharoras Sephorset beauty department, where you can pick up one MFM color and one nude color for $34.99 each.

The mascara-enhanced Makeup To Go mascara is the first mascara-driven mascara, but the brand is expanding to other categories as well.

In the Make Up For Women line, the mascara is available with two different colors, and is available for $19.99, while the mascara brush is also available for a similar price.

Sephoral also announced that it is bringing a new line of cosmetics to the marketplace, the Sephorts Sephater.

The new line will include products for face, body and hair, with an all-new look, called the Sepharler.

The cosmetics are for $14.99 for a tube of one, and $39.99 to add more to your makeup collection. 

In addition to the makeup range, Sepharors Beauty Insider will have a free video every Monday of makeup artist Lauren Voisin.

The Sepharort department store will also feature a new makeup artist, but will focus on beauty and skin care products instead of makeup.