The French actress Anne Hathaway, who played a woman who is pregnant and struggling to raise a child in a dystopian future, has been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Emmanuel Macron.

The award is one of three presented by Macron for his work in helping tackle the crisis.

Hathaway was recognised by the president in a ceremony in the White House, flanked by members of the French government, including Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, and other government officials.

Hastings mother, Marie-Laure Delaunay, said the award was “an honour for Anne for her contribution to society, for her humanitarian work and her courage”.

Hathways mother was also given a state of the union address by the French president.

She said: “Anne is a woman of extraordinary courage, of extraordinary generosity, of incomparable courage.

I have nothing but gratitude for her.”

Hathway was born in New York in 1969.

Her career has seen her work on Broadway and in films including the Oscar-nominated My Life as a Teenage Robot, as well as starring in the hit TV show American Crime Story.

A few months before her birth, she was awarded the prestigious National Academy of Sciences Award for her performance in My Life in a Teeny Tiny House.

She also won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of the mother of a boy with autism.

“Anne has given us hope, she has given the world a hope that is beyond belief,” she said.

“We are still waiting for the day when we can have a daughter, and we’re waiting for that day.

But I think we can now hope.”

Macron said Hathaway’s courage was one of the reasons he wanted to nominate her for the award.

“You have shown the world the beauty of the world,” he said.

“Anne has been a role model and a role models can change the world.”

The award will be presented to Hathaway on Wednesday.

The US ambassador to France, John F. Kennedy, who was in Paris for the ceremony, said: ‘I want to congratulate Anne Hathway and thank her for her bravery and her integrity and for her service to our country.’

We will never forget her.’