In a recent interview with Marie Claire, French designer Sophie Bouchard revealed that she had originally planned to recreate the classic Sleeping Beauty doll from Sleeping Beauty and her original design for Sleeping Beauty, but her team came up with a better one.

In the process, she said, she was able to capture the essence of Sleeping Beauty while giving the doll an entirely new look.

“In the beginning I tried to create a Malefactoric doll,” she told Marie Claire.

“It was not so much a new idea but rather a reaction to the original doll.

I wanted the doll to be a character that could inspire others and a reflection of the beauty and elegance of the era.”

Bouchards original Sleeping Beauty design, created by Bouchar and created by French sculptor Jean-Pierre Bouchaud in the early 19th century, was a “beauty of the old world,” she said.

“Its form was simple and the form of the doll was very sensual.”

Boucher said that her team wanted to create “an original and very elegant doll that was very beautiful in every way, not just visually.”

In her design, Bouchart created a doll with “a delicate body, delicate eyes, and beautiful, elegant skin.”

The doll had a large forehead, large lips, and a slender nose, all of which were designed to look as if they were “very delicate” and to reflect the “doll’s delicate nature.”

The artist’s original Sleeping Boudoir design for the Sleeping Beauty statue in the Louvre. 

In a later interview with French magazine L’Express, Bouard recalled how she was initially inspired to recreate Sleeping Beauty in the 1950s by an old French beauty book she read.

She said she decided to recreate this doll by copying the original Sleeping Dolls body from the book and the details of the Sleeping Bouncer doll, which was modeled after Sleeping Beauty.

Boucharde also noted that she used a “traditional doll form” for the dolls. 

“It’s a doll that is very simple and very feminine,” she explained.

“I like dolls that are very feminine.

They’re more graceful and very sophisticated.

They have this softness and charm.”

In addition to her original Sleeping beauty doll, Boulanger has also created a Sleeping Beauty replica doll made entirely of real Sleeping Beauty hair.

“The doll is a very beautiful and delicate doll with a perfect balance of softness, sweetness and strength,” Bouchars website says. 

According to the French fashion magazine Marie Claire , Bouchand was one of the designers behind the original Sleeping Beauty doll.

The design was created by Jean-Paul Rielle, a French sculptural artist and artist who had previously designed the Sleeping Doll statue at the Louve Museum in Paris.

Riellé, who died in 2009, created the Sleeping Beauties doll for the first time in 1956, but the dolls design remained a mystery for decades. 

Bouchard told Marie-Claire that she made Sleeping Beauty because she was inspired by her mother’s collection.

“My mother had a very particular collection of dolls,” Boulard told the magazine.

“She had a lot of dolls that were made for her by her friends.

They were the doll that I made.”

Boulards original dolls and Sleeping Beauty dolls, and the Sleeping beauty dolls, are now on display at the Museum du Louvre in Paris and at the Malefashion Museum in Lille.