Beauty is everywhere, but it can’t be found on your bathroom mirror or in your purse.

But that’s just what beauty products do for you, according to research from the National Geographic Society.

Black beauty is everywhere.

The beauty industry is the most diverse and inclusive, with more than 500 ethnic and racial groups represented in the products and services we buy, says Natalie Bader, senior vice president for science and innovation at the Society.

Black women are the most likely to use the cosmetics and other products, which are often made in predominantly African countries.

In 2016, African American women made up 18% of U.S. beauty consumers, and 17% of makeup and nail care consumers, according a report from the Society’s Beauty and Beauty Products Council.

Black beauty is also seen as an essential part of African American culture.

“Black beauty has a long and rich history of influence in the United States,” Bader says.

But in the past few years, as more women have become educated about African American beauty and began to see the benefits of the products, the number of black beauty products has dropped off.

The percentage of products made in the U.N. and in China is down, and only about a third of the makeup products are made in African countries, according the Beauty and Fragrance Council.

Black women in the beauty industry are often the ones who are trying to get their hands on the best products.

But there’s a reason that makeup is the only product on the shelf, says Bader.

“There’s a lot of black women who are not using it.

So the beauty products have to be very well formulated for that.”

Beauty products made with natural ingredients like cocoa butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter powder, and other ingredients are also becoming popular, but that doesn’t mean they’re getting better, Bader said.

A lot of the things that are available in beauty stores are not going to work for us, so the best thing is to go to a store that makes these products and find out how they are made.

“If you want to learn more about the diversity in the makeup and beauty industry, here are some of the top trends that are trending in 2018: The Black Beauty Institute has created a list of the 10 most influential Black women of color in the industry, which is the foundation for the organization’s efforts to encourage more diverse voices.

And for more on the beauty world and its intersectionality, watch this video: You can learn more more about beauty trends by visiting the Beauty Industry’s Diversity Resource Center, a resource to learn how to connect with communities that are impacted by the industries diversity.