In the world of fashion, the most iconic of all beauty quotes is the one from Florence Nightingale, the British poet and playwright.

It says, “If you like to be loved, you must be happy.”

It’s one of the most enduring and popular pieces of art ever written.

And while Nightingales popularity in the past few decades has declined, it remains a well-loved and powerful quote for women.

A lot of women use it as a reason to feel loved, too.

It’s a mantra for a lot of the work we do every day.

So why are women using it?

It’s hard to say, because women are different.

The beauty industry isn’t perfect.

It has its problems, but we’re all human beings.

And sometimes it can be good to be in the middle of a conversation about the most important thing in your life, or about the person you love.

The quote, for some, can also serve as a kind of therapy, because it helps us learn to let go of anger and hurt and frustration.

It can be a way of healing, too, because we’re still learning how to love ourselves, and how to make our relationships work.

And that’s what the beauty industry has become in recent years.

But there’s a lot more to it than that.

Beauty industry and fashion industry have a history The beauty business has existed for centuries.

There’s no shortage of women who came to the US to work in the industry, including many women who were working in the cosmetics industry when the Second World War broke out.

The cosmetics industry, which grew out of the French perfume industry in the early 1900s, was a pioneer of natural beauty products.

The 1920s saw the rise of the modern beauty industry when men started to wear makeup, and it became increasingly popular with women in the 1950s.

Women were also attracted to the idea of makeup as a way to make themselves feel better about themselves and their appearance.

It was the beginning of a more sophisticated approach to beauty.

It made us feel better, and people were attracted to it, too: The 1930s saw an explosion of makeup-centric advertising, and the industry started to make money, according to the British cosmetics company La Mer.

By the 1950, makeup was a lucrative career for women who wanted to look good and make money.

Beauty companies have been around for hundreds of years A lot has changed since that time.

The first woman to be awarded an Oscar was Barbara Stanwyck in 1939.

Today, beauty is still an industry dominated by men, but it’s becoming more diverse, and more lucrative for women, too — the beauty business is one of Canada’s largest industries.

And it’s one that is growing at a faster rate than other industries, too!

For women who want to look and feel their best, makeup is a way for them to do that.

It gives them a way out of a lot that they’re afraid of, says Barbara Stanwix, a makeup artist at Toronto-based company Makeup For All.

She says it helps them to look their best in the most flattering way possible.

It helps them express their personality, and to be able to wear the right makeup for a job or a date.

It also gives them confidence and makes them feel better in their skin.

Stanwycks daughter, Emily, a 20-year-old beauty artist, says that when she was younger, she used to wear a lot makeup, even though she didn’t have an inner confidence that it would work.

Now, she says, she looks like a teenager.

For many, makeup has become part of their daily lives.

Some, like Emily, wear makeup on a regular basis, and even wear it as part of a face mask.

The reason why, says Emily, is because makeup is very easy to wear, and doesn’t have to be difficult to find.

For those who want a new way of looking, the beauty product companies that have come into the beauty and skincare space are becoming a bit of a destination for many.

There are a number of makeup brands that are trying to change the way that we look.

It all starts with makeup.

For a lot, it’s the start of a career.

It starts with a makeup line, and then it moves to an office or a studio, says Laura, who asked that her last name not be used because she’s not ready to start a new career.

She’s just happy that her mom made her a career and she has some friends and family that support her.

So, she is excited to see how she can make some money, and make some changes to her appearance.

She is working on a foundation, which will be one of her main focus.

She also wants to become a skincamp.

Laura is going to be working at a beauty salon in the fall and winter and wants to make sure that she can find a job that supports her work. She thinks