Google’s Maps API provides an API for building a beautiful map of our galaxy.

The result is a holographic image of the galaxy’s entire surface.

Here’s how to create one with your Android phone.1.

Download the Googlemaps API for your platform of choice2.

Extract the GoogleMapsMapExtension.apk file to your phone3.

Run the app.

It should generate an app-specific configuration file that you can override to add or remove the desired holographic feature.

If you use a Mac or Windows machine, extract the file to a folder on your system.

For instance, if you’re using OS X, you’d open a Terminal window and type:1 cd ~/Library/Application Support/Googlemaps/2 cd ~/GooglemapsExtension/3.

Right-click the file and select Properties.4.

On the Properties tab, change the value of the “Enable Map Transparency” checkbox to “True”.5.

Click OK.

You should now be able to see a hologram of the Galaxy in the middle of the map.6.

You can modify this hologram by changing the colors and shapes of the background.7.

Click Save.