Posted November 01, 2018 07:20:50 I love a nice, relaxing evening at home with my beautiful, smart dog and lovely view, so it’s no surprise I’ve been searching for the perfect book that can help me enjoy the view more without having to look at it.

I was excited to discover this lovely book by Jlo Beauty, the Japanese brand that is renowned for the eye-catching shades and high-end makeup they offer.

It has beautiful, stunning illustrations and is full of cute, girly pictures of Japanese children, which make the book perfect for all ages.

The book is full to the brim with images of cute Japanese kids, and I can’t wait to read through it and get a peek into their minds.

I love Japanese children.

They are so cute and cute!

But, when it comes to books, I tend to be more of a fan of books about men, women, and pets, so this is my new favorite. Read more