Aussie-born photographer Amanda Hirst has captured a string of stunning images of cats in their natural habitat, including some of the rarest in the world.

Hirst was inspired to shoot the stunning images after her family’s two cats were found dead in a dumpster in New South Wales in 2011.

“I knew the cats would get lost and I was really hoping that the police would come and take them,” she told

“The first one I took was the first time I saw one of my cats.”

Hirst said she took pictures of the dead cats and was captivated by the fact that the owners were not only happy but also extremely happy with the pets.

“They were like, ‘Oh, we’re going to give them to someone who’ll take care of them for a while’,” she said.

“It’s so rare.

It’s like, they have no name or any idea what they’re doing with them.””

I just thought I’d go for it, I just thought that it would be a little bit of fun.”

The photographer said she had to shoot for her own sake, so she could see what it would feel like to photograph them.

“As I was doing the photography, I was thinking, ‘I’m so sorry if I’m making you feel sad,’ and I’m like, no, I’m going to keep taking these pictures.”

Hess said she hoped the images would be used to inspire other people to take care and love animals, which she said was a very rare thing.

“To see a little animal like this get taken care of, I think it’s really important to see,” she said, adding that it is her hope to one day use the images for other people.

“So I’m just hoping that when I take these pictures I’ll inspire other photographers to do the same thing.”

Watch Amanda Hirth’s incredible images of a cat here:Hirst says she would never do it for profit, and hopes her images will inspire others to care for their own animals.