Hollywood Reporter (http://bit.ly/1bVZqmT) – Elizabeth Banks has just opened the door for her beautiful and famous wife, Jennifer Garner, to move into her home on Hollywood Boulevard.

Sources close to the actress told The Hollywood Scene the news was made official Sunday morning.

Sources said Garner, who is currently starring in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, was informed by Banks and her attorney, David Meyers, that her divorce from the actress was finalized by Judge Patricia Wilson.

Sources also confirmed that she will be able to live in the Hollywood Hills for a few years, but will have to move out after that.

Sources told The Hill that the decision was made by Judge Wilson in the wake of Garner’s decision to leave her longtime house on Beverly Boulevard.

It was not clear what, if any, financial settlement would be reached, but sources close to Banks said she had been offered several options, including a divorce settlement.

Sources say the actress and Garner have been in frequent contact since the divorce was finalized, and that she was told by her attorney that the settlement will include a stipulation that they move out of the Hollywood Valley by Dec. 31.

Sources added that the two had been close friends since she was young and that they were planning to move to Hollywood together in the coming years.

Sources described the move as a “happy, family moment” for the actress.

Sources confirm that the actress will have the option to leave the Hollywood Boulevard house, which is owned by her family.

She has been renting it out, sources said.

Sources confirmed that the divorce settlement will be made public when the actress is ready.